Scheme of Examination

Fair, Flexible and Student Friendly Examination Scheme
The Examination Procedure consists of Four different Method:


1.     Study Centre   

2.     Exam from Home / Open Book System   

3.     Online Exam (Subjective/Objective)   

4.     On Demand Exam  (Online Mode)


In Study Centre method consists of complete theoretical Question Answer based examination. Examination will have 12 days for completion. Within these 12 days the examination will be held at the respective study centre where the examination period will be for 2 hours per subject. Students will be allowed to take up examinations as they wish within these 12 days with a day break or with no break according to BCVPS guideline.

Exam from Home or the Open Book System is a unique way of appearing for exams. In this method student can appear for the examination any point in time from anywhere across INDIA. Student will be given a period of 12 days for each year examination to submit their answer sheets in their respective BCVPS study centres via Courier or Speed Postor Online upload. The question paper will be completely objective/Subjective.During the examination must obey the guideline of BCVPS foundation 

Online Examination will consist of both Subjective and Objective type Questions. Students can submit their answers online through a proper submission id assigned to them. The questions will be situation based so as to get a more vibrant practical knowledge and practical thinking.

On Demand Examination Procedure

Features of the Scheme of On-Demand Exam

This innovative and flexible scheme of On-Demand Exam is independent of the traditional fixed time frame and has the following features:

»   No need to wait for the six-monthly term end examination.

»   Choice of deciding the date of exam lies with students.

»   Multilayer security system to maintain confidentiality and secrecy of the entire process.

»   Students can register online for On-Demand Exam anytime from anywhere.

»   Online issue of Hall Ticket mentioning the date, venue and time of examination.

»   Multi-mode registration-fee payment system including online payment through Credit Card or payment through bank draft.

»   Automated online clarification of doubts and information to the students.

»   Individualized question papers for different students generated on the day of examination.

»   Encryption of the Question papers immediately after their generation.

»   Exam conducted under web-based closed circuit camera surveillance.

»   Online submission of attendance on the day of exam.

»   Online submission of the awards and marks by the examination superintendent.

Each subject will be of 100 marks wherein the passing marks will be 40%. Students can collect their Certificates & Mark sheets from the respective BCVPS study centres.

Note : In above all method Question Paper will be provided by BCVPS foundation.Student must follow rules and regulation.