Vocational Stream

BCVPS has introduced Vocational Stream at the Secondary and Senior Secondary Level, whereby concerted efforts will be put on skill training in the same or related areas combining it with two academic subjects to earn a Secondary or Senior Secondary certificate alongwith individual certificates for each vocational course.

The Vocational Stream is available in the areas of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Home Science and Hospitality at Secondary level and Computer and IT & ITES and Ayurveda and Yoga at Senior Secondary level.

Choice of Subjects

The list of subjects in different areas for the Vocational Stream are given below:

Senior Secondary Level Vocational Stream Programmes

(i)    Ayurveda and Yoga

       Ayurveda Assistant

       Panchkarma Assistant

       Yoga Assistant

These three Vocational subjects alongwith one Academic subject and one language can be taken for Senior Secondary certification.

(ii) IT and ITES

       Web Development

       Computer Hardware Assembly and Maintenance

       CRM Domestic Voice


These three Vocational subjects alongwith one Academic subject and one language can be taken for Senior Secondary certifi

Eligibility Criteria 

Senior Secondary level

Certificate of Matriculation/Secondary Examination having are card of the Date of Birth. (No other proof of age will be accepted for Senior Secondary admission).

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Scheme of Studies for Academic Courses

Senior Secondary Level

S.No.Code Subject

Group 'A'

  1. (401) Hindi
  2. (402) English
  3. (406) Urdu
  1. (409)   Sanskrit
  2. (407)   Gujarati
  3. (403)   Bengali                   5 to 9 Subjects
  4. (404)   Tamil                    Examination of
  5. (405)   Odia                   these subjects will
  6. (410)   Punjabi     be held on same day and same time .

Group 'B'

  1. (311) Mathematics
  2. (328) Psychology
  3. (318) Economics
  4. (319) Business Studies
  5. (376) Early Childhood Care & Education

Group 'C'

  1. (315) History

Group 'D'

  1. (317) Political Science

Group 'E'

  1. (320)   Accountancy    SUBJECTS 8-9 Examination of these subjects will be held on same day and same time.
  2. (338)    Introduction to Law    

Group 'F'

  1. (331)   Sociology   10-11 Examination of these subjects will be held on same day and same time.
  2. (337)   Tourism                      

 Five subjects with either one or two languages from Group A and the remaining subjects from Group B, C, D, E and F (only one subject from each group C, D, E and F).

 Two additional subjects can be taken from any group (only one subject from each group C, D, E and F) with additional fee as per BCVPS norms.

Senior Secondary Level Vocational Stream Programmes is equivalent to XIIth standard; students who are 16 years of age as on 31st August  and who have successfully passed their X standard and now they need to pursue their senior secondary education may apply to this level of BCVPS. 

The Senior Secondary level program offered by the BCVPS is genuine for self awareness, various private and vocational Jobs in industries, shop, hospital, hotel or any kind of jobs or promotion in private industries in India or Abroad.

Certificate reflects the skill proficiency of the course, the standards of the institute, and is subject to the rules /decisions of the concerned department for government /non-government job eligibility.