Vocational Stream

In our country, the dropout rate after primary schools is high, perhaps due to economic and cultural reasons. Hence, it is important that an option be provided for locally relevant education to such learners. Some illustrative sectors, where vocational education can make meaningful contribution to the developmental efforts are Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Handlooms, Handicraft, IT & ITES, Beauty and Wellness etc. The students at the Secondary and Senior Secondary level must be fully equipped with basic knowledge, technical skills, appropriate attitude and entrepreneurship ability so that they can undertake self employment or skilled wage work.

It is also visualised that many students would like to go in for Vocational Courses at Secondary and Senior Secondary level through the open learning system as it provides freedom to combine subjects in the scheme of examination. Open learning system is increasingly becoming popular because of  its  capacity  to  provide academic and vocational education in a flexible and learner friendly manner, particularly to those learners who could not get access to the formal education system.

BCVPS has introduced Vocational Stream at the Secondary and Senior Secondary Level, whereby concerted efforts will be put on skill training in the same or related areas combining it with two academic subjects to earn a Secondary or Senior Secondary certificate alongwith individual certificates for each vocational course.

The Vocational Stream is available in the areas of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Home Science and Hospitality at Secondary level and Computer and IT & ITES and Ayurveda and Yoga at Senior Secondary level.

Choice of Subjects

The list of subjects in different areas for the Vocational Stream are given below:

Secondary Level Vocational Stream Programmes

(i)    Beauty and Wellness


       Beauty Therapy

       Hair Care and Styling

       Hand and Foot Care

These three Vocational subjects alongwith one Academic subject (non-science) and one language being offered at the Secondary level shall lead to Secondary certification.

(ii) Agriculture and Animal Husbandry


       Bee Keeping

       Paddy Farming

       Poultry Farming

These three Vocational subjects alongwith one Academic subject (non-science) and one language being offered at the Secondary level, shall lead to Secondary certification.

(iii) Handloom Weaving


       Fibre to Fabric

        Handloom Weaving*

        Design Development*

        Dyeing and Printing*

        Entrepreneurship for Handloom Weavers

Of the five Vocational subjects, three are mandatory (Handloom Weaving, Design Development and Dyeing and Printing) and one out of the other two (Fibre to Fabric or Entrepreneurship for Handloom Weavers) may be chosen. In addition, one language being offered at the Secondary level needs to be chosen.

(* Mandatory subjects)


Scheme of Studies 

Theory weightage                        -                40 %

Practical or hands on training      -                60 %

Instructional Strategy

The courses will be offered through a variety of approaches comprising the following:

 Self-instructional printed material, face to face counselling

 Hands on Experience/Practical facilities at the Study centre

 Project work, On the job training/internship

 Assignment, Portfolio development etc.

Eligibility Criteria

Secondary level

 For Stream I - 14 years as on 31st July (born on or before 31/07/2007),

 For Stream II - 14 years as on 31st January (born on or before 31/01/2008),

 Certificate of Class VIIIth pass, or

  Self Certificate (as mentioned at the back of Admission Form)

Course Fee

For the complete package of Vocational Stream consisting of two academic subjects and three core vocational subjects the fee is Rs  -including the cost of study material and practical facilities that will be provided by the study centres. The share between the study centre and BCVPS is 60% and 40% respectively.

Admission Procedure

Admission to the courses will be done through online mode. A soft copy of the prospectus is available on BCVPS website . Students can submit their application form throughout the year 

Evaluation Strategy      

The evaluation strategy will be as follows:

1. Learner will be required to secure minimum 33% marks for passing . For Secondary subjects 33% aggregate is required for passing the subject.

2. For Vocational Courses, the passing criteria will be 50% separately for Theory and Practicals.

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3. Learner would be given 9 chances to appear for examinations over a period of 5 years.

4. For subjects being offered under vocational stream examination and admission dates will be as per Academic Cycle.


Scheme of Studies for Academic Courses


Secondary Level

S.No. Code          Subject

Group 'A'

  1. (201)              Hindi
  2. (202)              English
  3.  (206)              Urdu
  4. (209)              Sanskrit
  5. (203)              Bengali
  6. (204)              Marathi
  7. (205)              Telugu
  8. (207)              Gujarati               5-18 subjects
  9. (208)              Kannada          Examination of
  10. (210)              Punjabi             these subjects
  11. (228)              Assamese       will be held on
  12. (231)              Nepali               same day and
  13. (232)              Malayalam          same time.

      14.        (233)              Odia

  1. ( 235 )             Arabic
  2. ( 236 )             Persian
  3. ( 237 )             Tamil
  4. (238)              Sindhi

Group 'B'

  1. (213)              Social Science
  2. (214)              Economics
  3. (215)              Business Studies
  4. (222)              Psychology
  5. (223)              Indian Culture & Heritage
  6. (224)              Accountacy
  7. (249)              Entrepreneurship


 Five subjects with either one or two languages from Group A and the remaining subjects from Group B.

 Two additional subjects can be taken from either of the two groups with additional fees as per BCVPS norms.

Secondary level Vocational course programmes is equivalent to the Xth standard. Students are who are 14 years of age as on 31st August 2020 can take admission and can choose their subjects choices from BCVPS scheme of subjects mentioned in above table.

The Secondary Level Vocational course programmes  offered by the BCVPS is genuine for self awareness, various private and vocational Jobs in industries, shop, hospital, hotel or any kind of jobs or promotion in private industries in India or Abroad.

Certificate reflects the skill proficiency of the course, the standards of the institute, and is subject to the rules /decisions of the concerned department for government /non-government job eligibility.